Guest House Website Design

Do not get too carried away with having fancy, flashy website. Your guests are not coming to your website to see how artistic your web designer is. They are there for one purpose, to find out if they would like to stay at your Guest House. They are looking for a specific number of things to help them make that decision, and the purpose of your website is to present that info to them quickly and easily, and help them make a decision.

What every Guest House Website Needs

Guest are looking for specific information to make a decission, and the top 5 things guest are looking for are (in order of importance):

  • Location
  • Good Photos
  • Rates
  • Facilities and amenities
  • What to do nearby (restaurants, attractions, shops, etc)

Once they have reviewed the info above, they will then want to proceed to making a booking as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Be sure to provide:

  • Easy access to contact details (tel number is still the most popular, even for online travel researchers).
  • Map and directions (guests hate getting lost, and if your website does not provide clear instructions on how to find your Guest House, they may book elsewhere).
  • Booking enquiry email form / online booking (online availability is optional, and easy Guest House runs differently)
  • Easy booking process. If you require a deposit, make sure this is clear, and that the process is quick and easy for the guest.

Of course, once the Guest has made the booking, the website has achieved its purpose, and it is now up to you and your staff to take if from there.

Understanding Guest’s Needs

The modern taveller, whether business or pleasure, moves quickly when researching online. Often a decision is made in a matter of minutes or even seconds! Be sure to provide all the info they need as fast as possible.