Web Design Basics – Where Will You Focus

In web design basics all you need to understand is how to handle fonts and colors and you need be creative as well with colors. If you can come up with your own design ideas then it is fantastic. This article will help you in learning the basics of web design especially if you are just getting started with web design career. We will focus on Layout, Fonts, Graphics, and Readers.


It is good if you stick with standard web layouts that are being followed by different web designers. Using frames or too many frames in your web page is an old and outdated style. It is really annoying for visitors when they have to scroll left and right too much in order to read anything.


Use famous and screen-friendly font families. It can include Arial, Times new roman or Sense Serif. As famous font families are screen friendly.

You are supposed to limit the number of font families as well; too many different font families will make it difficult for the viewer to stay for longer on your website.


Actually, slow pages are really annoying and heavy images are the real cause of slow page loading that is why you should choose an image which is in between 10-12 kb.

You should always use the graphics that will fit the content, it should go well with the content and subject of the website also suppose you have a good picture of your family or friend that doesn’t mean you should upload that picture on your web (Just because it is good). It should be between 10 to 12 kb because pictures play an important role in the loading of the website.

Don’t make your images blink on the website as studies have proved that blinking, flashy and animated images increase the bounce rate of a website.

Don’t Forget Your Readers

You are supposed to make web pages browser version friendly, if the web page is working fine in Firefox it should work fine in IE and in some previous versions of IE as well.

It will apply to the operating system as well, if it is working fine in internet explorer for Windows it should work fine for Macintosh as well.

You are supposed to write about what your viewers are looking for. If you are making a website for users and not only for yourself you should write content which they would like to read.